About the site

The site is located in Weybridge at the Heights Business Park and has been identified as Strategic Employment Land by the Borough Council.

The site is adjacent to the Sony Europe building and has been subject to a number of previous planning applications.

Trees line the perimeter of the site, acting as a buffer and offering little views into the site from nearby paths and roads.

The site includes a small area of land is located next to the side overflow visitor car park of the Sony Europe office, which has been identified as surplus to requirements by Sony.

Currently, the site comprised a grassed area of land with trees and hedgerow to the north and east. To the west, there is a pond surrounded by vegetation.

Aerial View of the Site

Public Consultation

A public consultation on the proposals is taking place between Wednesday 27th October – 14th November 2021.

You can view the virtual exhibition / you can view the exhibition boards from the consultation from and can also provide us with your feedback.